Not Just Another Violin.

“The sound of the violin piercing a veil between heaven and me, it is the sounds from heaven that usher us into the glory realm of God where all things are possible.”

The violin is a string instrument, usually with four strings and its sound is made when a bow is drawn across the strings. The violin is an instrument that likely has its roots in the vielle – an instrument in Europe derived from the Byzantine lyra – a medieval bowed instrument.

Helicon Violin

  • Warm amber colored varnish finishing.
  • Adjustment includes ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest, composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners.
  • LVS synthetic core strings
  • Glasser Fiberglass Bow

History of Violin

The word violin, comprehends instruments of various types and sizes, which are covered with gut strings. For this reason the word violin is a general word that includes all types of viol instruments in itself; and that it therefore arises only from one abusive if you flatly call violin a “violin”. The violin is the smallest instrument in the family of stringed instruments. The present shape has lasted now for 500 years, with very little changes.


There are grand piano and upright violin with their own distinguishing features
cater for the violinist depending on the budget and the personal liking.



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